My work grows from a deep appreciation of the powerful connection between our humanity and the natural world. I travel the back roads of the United States and Canada with the voices of John O’Donohue, Mary Oliver and Anthony deMello as my companions; they, too, hope to capture the serene beauty of nature in unexpected ways. My images are unforced, inclusive moments that ask you to settle in and simply observe. To graciously observe the beauty of the journey over a finite destination.


Photography was a practice and haven throughout my teenage years, but it would have to wait; I was off for the Navy when I was seventeen and married with a family shortly thereafter. It wasn’t until many years later that I picked up the camera again, but this time in a corporate setting as a sports photographer. It never quite satisfied me the way it had in my youth. Then, by chance, I discovered the writings of John O’Donohue, an Irish poet, mystic, philosopher, scholar. His book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, seemed to have been written just for me, to encourage me to pursue my photography out of passion once again. My new challenge became one of finding images in nature that spoke to beauty in a quiet, meaningful way. Not necessarily in a sunset that dazzles over the horizon, but in hidden clearings, still landscapes, a path that opens itself to the traveler. O’Donohue writes: “when the sense of destination becomes gracious, the journey can become an adventure of beauty.” Finding that still place within ourselves and nature can be a gracious reprieve from the chaos of everyday life, and capturing that quiet beauty in nature is now my adventure.